JSHinting script tags inside html files

First public Sublime Text Extension (works on both versions 2 and 3). JSHint-Inline allows JSHint to run on HTML files, and only requires node.

All required node modules are embed into the plugin, so no need to npm anything.

How to install:

  1. Be sure to have the awesome Package Manager from wBond installed. I’ve already submitted the package, but might take some time to appear on the list.
  2. Open Sublime and go to Preferences > Browse Packages. Open the folder User, and then a terminal window on that folder. On Windows I’m using Git Bash Console window.
  3. $git clone https://github.com/bitbonsai/JSHint-Inline.git
  4. All done. Now when you have an HTML file with script> tags, just choose Tools > Build System > JSHint-Inline
  5. And press CTRL + B. Result?

JSHint Inline

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