New Blog Engine or Jekyll?

So, I’m a little tired of WordPress. Sorry, dude.

When I want to publish something, I want to write in markdown, save the file, commit and BAM! It’s published. I had high hopes on Posterous but then you have spaces, too many features… blablabla. And then you have email html parsing, never looks like I want or adds too much clutter…

I was looking into Jekyll, but then… I’m a PHP guy, would I be able to write something that just works? So I’m thinking about the features and maybe I’m gonna write something, why? Because yes.

  • Markdown for posts/pages
  • git fork publishing
  • ftp publishing
  • no admin hassle
  • URL routes automagically
  • Easy templates

I’ll update my progress, once I have time to start something so unnecessary…

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